1 Tell people about TubeBuddy
Create email campaigns, social posts, videos, etc that contain your special Affiliate Link and tell people how TubeBuddy can help them.

2 Those people buy upgrades
We track everyone that clicks, installs and purchases TubeBuddy that found us through one of your affiliate links.

3 You earn up to 50% (Recurring!)
You earn a cut of every dollar we receive from people you refer as long as they remain a paying customer, every month, forever!
Standard Affiliate
30% commission
Recurring commission
VIP Affiliate
40% commission
Recurring commission
No minimum payout
Free 1 year Star upgrade for yourself
Super Affiliate
50% commission
Recurring commission
No minimum payout
Free lifetime Legend upgrade for yourself
Everyone starts as a Standard Affiliate. You can become a VIP Affiliate after getting 50 people to install TubeBuddy (just install, they don’t have to purchase) and a Super Affiliate after getting 250 people to install.
Affiliate Code

Choose an Affiliate Code that is easy to remember. It could be your YouTube channel name or something else that your audience will identify. (letters and numbers only – no spaces)
Your custom referral link will be:

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